I'm Chase. Just another gaymer here from Texas. Currently taking a break from school but looking to go back to major in Physics. I'm only looking for friends as I am currently taken. This is my first blog, so don't judge lol. I recently started going to the gym in order to reach my goal of becoming big!

NSFW: Browse at your own risk!


Anonymous asked
For being you! You're awesome

Yay :D Thank YOU! :)

Anonymous asked
Thank you :)

For what?


So I made a thing

Anonymous asked
have always had a crush on you . you are adorable, And extremely sexy... One pervy comment though Until that pic with Zero Cub I had no idea how thick Chase Jr was

Haha and It wasn’t even hard ;)

sexwithoutdrugs asked
like jenna maroney, if you didn't do a video of zerocub and you i'm gonna kill myself!!!!!

Hmmm…how to respond to his….

Anonymous asked
Are you still with tony ?

No I am not. I have nothing further to add so please, do not ask.

Edit: For the record, I’m not with anyone nor will be in another relationship for quite some time

tangl3dli3s asked
God you're so fucking sexy o_o

Hehe thank you :3

hlee36 asked
I just want to say that I love your tumblr! Plenty of sexy men (yourself included ;) ) and plenty of silly gamer stuff!

Thank you :D Trying to get back into posting regularly :)